About The Event

 Welcome to India's First Event Dedicated to Women's SelfCare. 

As women, we have been conditioned to be caretakers. We tend to put everyone else first, our families, friends, pets, even our homes!

84% of married women in India make household decisions that include healthcare for their families but, often neglect their own health and well-being. Many women feel that it would seem selfish to shift the balance from everyone-else-care to selfcare. 

We envision a society where women make themselves a priority.  This two day fest is aimed to help women and their loved ones understand the importance of self care for women and girls. It's a  celebration of women's commitment to her health and well being and the need to live a healthy and happy life.

On display will be a host of products and services that will help women with their self care regime.

 Access to medical practitioners to guide women on mental, reproductive, menstrual health, preventive care, fitness & nutrition experts, wellness zone, healthy lifestyle products and much much more.

It’s Time To Put Yourself First!

Easy Access To The Important Pillars of Self Care

Participation Opportunities

Main Categories


Physical Health
Mental Health
Reproductive Health
Menstrual Health
Maternal Health
Preventive Healthcare


Fitness Activities


Nutrition products
Vitamins & Supplements
Energy Products
Diet & Nutrition Counsellors


Health & Wellness Technology
/Fitness Trackers
Health & Fitness Apps
Holistic Care Platforms


Wellness Products & Services
Retreats & Spa's
Personal Care
Alternative Therapies


Organic & Sustainable Products
Outdoor Activities
Community & Social Groups
Hobby/Activities Personal Care



Visitors attending the event will include: 

  • Youth - Gen Z
    College/University students
  • Adults - Millennials & Gen X
    Women entrepreneurs /Working women Homemakers
  • Men who wish to support the women in their lives 
  • Seniors
  • Community Groups & Associations

Open to all

Collab Function is an event and marketing advisory championing the cause of Women's health and healthequity in India.

Organiser of India's first dedicated B2B event "Global Women's Health Innovation Conference," we are committed to furthering the cause of women's health through various events and awareness programs dedicated towards the advancement of women's health in India and beyond.

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