Artika Singh

Community Building, Allo Health

Artika Singh (she/her) is a Public Health Anthropologist & Comprehensive Sexuality Educator with 7+ years of experience. She holds a gold medal from the University of Delhi in Anthropology. She was named Young Person of the Year (2021) by SH:24, NHS (UK) Sexual Health Awards for successful implementation of SRHR & CSE projects since 2016.

She’s also the founder of a non-profit, Taarini foundation (2018), that has worked with 26000+ folks from rural communities in 5 Indian on SRHR projects and Reproductive Health interventions.

She has worked with international and national NGOs like Goonj, Rotary, World Menstrual Hygiene Day Org as well as many private sector sexual health companies like PeeSafe, EcoFemme, Sirona among others as an independent consultant.

Artika also works full-time in the marketing and community team at Allo Health, India’s first dedicated Sexual Health Clinic.

She enjoys creating accessible sex-ed resources for her online community of 18k+ folks and was nominated as a Sexual Health Influencer at the 2023 Cosmopolitan India’s Bloggers Awards in recognition of her work.

11:30 - 12:00 hrs.

Friday 13th october

Breaking the Silence: Healthcare Challenges of the 20 to 40 Age Group

Endometriosis - The Silent Disease

Exploring the often-overlooked world of endometriosis. The session will uncover the hidden challenges, and discuss advancements in diagnosis and management.

Breaking Taboos Around Sexual Health - Vaginismus in Indian Women

Studies suggest that it affects up to 5 to 17% of Indian women, with a higher incidence among those who have limited access to sexual health education and resources.


Dr. Chandrika Anand, Director, PCOS Centre, & Chief Consultant, Fortis Hospital

Dr. B Ooha Susmita, Neuropsychiatrist, Allo Health

Artika Singh, Community Building, Allo Health

Session Moderated By:

Anu Bhatnagar, Director Content & Community, Collab Function