Smitha Murthy

Co-founder, MyndStories

Hi I'm Smitha, co-founder of MyndStories.

In April 2021, I went through a harrowing time with Covid. That experience and the resultant spiraling anxiety and trauma made me realize just how much I had taken mental health for granted.

It's then I started to build India's first inclusive mental health content-first platform to make us understand everything we can about our minds. The result is MyndStories - India's first content and storytelling platform for mental health.

With MyndStories, we are making mental health conversations cool. I believe that stories have the power to heal, inspire, and transform lives.

I have worked with content all my life (20+ years now!) and also spent a few years teaching in China.

I am the author of an epistolary memoir, 'Worlds Apart.' I write for Deccan Herald, BluePrint Review, Eshe Magazine, Hippocampus Magazine, Kitaab, and more. My first novel, 'The Star Whisperer' is due for publication.

10:45 - 11:15 hrs.

Friday 13th october

Mind Matters: Women's Mental Health - Navigating Challenges, Building Resilience

"Mind Matters" is a dedicated exploration of the complex terrain of women's mental health. We delve into the unique challenges women face, from life transitions to societal pressures, and offer insights on building resilience. Join us for candid conversations, expert perspectives, and practical strategies to empower women in their journey towards mental well-being.


Deepti Chandy, Therapist & COO, Anna Chandy & Associates

Dr. Vandana Shetty, Renowned Psychiatrist & Founder, Sage Health

Smitha Murthy, Co-founder, MyndStories

Session Moderated By:
Brian Carvalho, Communications Advisor Healthcare