Bharat Gera

Founder - Human Centric Healthcare Ecosystem

Bharat Gera is a pioneer in the digital transformation of healthcare by leveraging innovative technology aligned with strategic goals since 1999.

Truly ahead of the times, his vision and ability to understand the importance and potential of technology in healthcare sets him apart.  Bharat has a sterling journey as an innovation healthcare leader where he designed and implemented multiple projects for Digital Healthcare across stakeholders globally.

Among his many key achievements, Bharat designed and implemented Telemedicine Registry and Evaluation Study for India and was responsible for the creation of Virtual Family Visit, a unique innovative service for Wockhardt Hospital, winning international acclaim as the first hospital to offer web visits in 1998.

He has over two decades of experience in the Healthcare domain both in India and USA, covering Healthcare Providers, Health Insurance, and the Pharmaceutical/Drugs Industry.

Bharat is once again leading the innovation curve and is in the process of setting up a platform for the digital healthcare ecosystem to collaborate and advocate human centricity in the delivery of healthcare solutions.

A true health innovator to the core, Bharat is guiding the leadership team of the Global Women's Health Innovation Conference to stay true to the spirit of innovation.

14:45 -15:30 hrs.

Monday 12th December

Fireside Chat - From Silos to Solutions: A Collaborative Healthcare Ecosystem

  • Can women’s health be addressed through separate silos?
  • The need to create a more connected and collaborative ecosystem in healthcare that allows women to receive the quality of care they need.
  • Challenges and benefits of a collaborative healthcare ecosystem.
  • How can the digital health ecosystem be more sensitised to women's health on a collaborative platform.
16:00 - 16:30 hrs.

Tuesday 13th December

The Roadmap to 2023

Round Table: Building A Stronger Ecosystem to support Femtech in India

9:30 - 10:00 hrs.

Friday 13th october

Unveiling the Unseen: Caring for the Invisible Women - A Focus on Women Aged 65+

  • Dementia in Women: A Gendered Perspective on Challenges, Care, and Empowerment
  • Geriatric Care
  • Assisted Care with Medical Technology and Innovation


Dr Radha S Murthy, Co-Founder & Managing Trustee Nightingales Medical Trust.

Dr.Arvind Kasturi, Team Leader Geriatric Centre Project St John’s Medical College, Bangalore.

Dr. Uma Nambiar, Executive Director, Gimcare Hospital, Consultant- IISc Medical School, Chairperson, DHIndia Association.

Dirk de Korne, Staff Director of Care & Welfare, SVRZ Servicecentrum, Netherlands.

Session Moderated By:

Bharat Gera, Founder, Human Centric Healthcare Ecosystem.