Saniya Jeswani

Co-Founder & CEO, Perkant Tech

An inspirational Health-Tech entrepreneur, Saniya is one of the Top 75 women entrepreneurs of Atal Innovation Mission, Niti Aayog - Government of India, currently working on the goal of making medical equipment accessible and affordable across the Indian healthcare landscape. 

Perkant Tech is the inventor of the world's first Multi-Disease Prognosis System (International Patent Published) aiming to provide healthcare affordability, ubiquitous availability, and easy patient-doctor accessibility across the globe. 

Perkant Tech is a leading med-tech innovation currently working on leveraging futuristic technologies to enable health screening and prognosis at the fingertips of all, an innovation that shall massively contribute towards preventive and primary healthcare throughout global rural and urban settings. 


16:00 - 16:30 hrs.

Monday 12th December

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Role of Disruptive Med-Tech Innovations Imperative for Revolutionizing The Female Healthcare Landscape 

As the Femtech space witnesses foundational shaping with cutting-edge technology, it’s quintessential to envision the advancements in the current healthcare infrastructure. Only with gender-focused medical innovations, the chasm in healthcare availability can be bridged.