Shri Darshan H.V., IAS

Director, Dept. of Electronics, IT & Bt Managing Director, KITS, Govt. of Karnataka

Mr. Darshan H.V, an IAS officer, currently serves as the Director of Electronics, IT/BT, and the Managing Director of the Karnataka Innovation and Technology Society within the Department of Electronics, IT, Bt, and S&T for the Government of Karnataka.

Karnataka Innovation and Technology Society (KITS)

Karnataka Innovation and Technology Society (KITS) helps the Department of Information Technology and Biotechnology in facilitating and promoting the Information Technology and Biotech sectors in the state. KITS acts as a synergic liaison between Industry and Government, providing secretarial services to the State IT and Bt projects, making it the linchpin for providing all basic information that facilitates the establishment of IT & Bt Industries in the State. It is the nodal agency for implementing the decisions of the Vision Group on IT and the Vision Group on Bt.

KITS also focuses on tapping Karnataka's large IT talent pool, functioning as a key driver for augmenting foreign investments and collaborations, to enhance skill development, mutual industry facilitation and encourage startups and MSMEs.

14:30 - 15:00 hrs.

Friday 13th october

Health Equity : Enablers & Obstacles

Bridging the Divide in Funding for Women's Health: Advancing Research, Access, and Equity

Building Blocks for Digital Healthcare


Shri Darshan H.V (IAS), MD, Karnataka Innovation & Technology Society, Govt. of Karnataka

Namit Chugh, Principal, W Health Ventures

Dr. Uma Nambiar, CEO, Bagchi Parthasarthy Hospital, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore

Session Moderated By:

Swathi Kulkarni, Co-Founder & CEO, Elda Health