What will it take to realize the full potential of Femtech?

 What will it take to realize the full potential of Femtech?

Excerpts from an interview featured in CNBC – March 2023

According to a CNBC report, the FemTech sector which is estimated to be worth $1.186 trillion by 2027, according to forecasts by the non-profit organization FemTech focus, is unable to reach anywhere close to its full potential due to the “taboo” nature of women’s health and gender imbalances in investment – two main obstacles to the industry.

The FEMTECH market estimate defines the market as products and services designed to tackle 97 health conditions that “solely, disproportionately, or differently affect girls, females, and women.” That covers 23 subsections of women’s health, including menopause, bone health, abortion, brain health, cardiovascular and reproductive health.

One of the most telling comments about the industry comes from Ida Tin who coined the term FEMTECH in 2016

“We’re still getting peanuts to play with when you see the amount of money that has been invested into, you know, e-scooters, car sharing … They just have so much money to build very impressive companies. I haven’t seen that kind of funding yet at all,” Tin said.

“We have to prove ourselves so hard along this journey,” she said. “We’ve raised a lot of money and you know, comparably, we’ve done well. But I think we’ve been underfunded all along, honestly.”

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